Biometric Instructions

The West African Examination Council (Sierra Leone) has introduced candidates' biometric capture as part of WASSCE NOV/DEC registration process.
Candidates are required to complete their biometric capture before proceeding to online registration.

Instructions to Candidates

  1. Candidates are required to capture (enroll) their fingerprints before they can continue the registration.
  2. If you don't have a fingerprint scanner, kindly visit an Internet cafe with facilities to scan your fingerprints
  3. If you have already enrolled your fingerprints, click here to login and continue your registration.
  4. Click here to download a copy of Directions To Candidates document

Instructions for Fingerprint Scanning

  1. Internet Cafe operators should visit the nearest WAEC office to register their Internet Cafes and obtain a copy of the Biometric Software suite. The suite includes Fingerprint scanner, Biometric softwares, Security token and User manual.
  2. To view the list of supported fingerprint scanners, Click here
  3. You are required to obtain login parameters for every fingerprint enrollment. The token would be issued to you during your internet cafe's registration.
  4. If you have already installed the software, double click on ‘WAEC Biometric System’ icon on your desktop to launch the application and enroll your fingerprints
  5. If you experience "The request failed with HTTP status 417: Expectation failed" error while trying to authenticate your security login, kindly download this version of the Biometric Software. Follow the regular installation guide and continue with your biometric capture.